Any new firmware updates since 1.2.215 planned?



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    David Tay (Edited )

    A new firmware was just released recently: 1.2.226

    From the release notes:

    This is a non-critical release created to address bugs in features and improve stability

    • Update https certificate for
    • Network package update for security enhancement
    • WAN DHCP client adaptive query feature (interoperability improvement for certain ISP DHCP server configuration)
    • Fix USB drive detection issue for some Seagate models
    • Mesh SSID configuration robustness enhancement
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    Seet Binghan Matthew (Edited )

    Still no IPv6.  Sadly after I asked Portal support.  They confirmed with their Product team that IPv6 will not be supported in Portal.  Instead they told to me that the new Razer Sila product has IPv6 support.. How could they as a Kickstarter company after having gone commercial forget about the loyal customers who supported them and waited for them for a simple basic IPv6 router feature to be supported only to be told 3-years later it won't be there.  And they conveniently took out the IPv6 post which they had left on this forum for more than 2-years hoping that customers will forget it. 

    For customers who are considering buying their new Razer Sila, think carefully.  If the pilot product can be abandoned just like that what may happen to your new investment down the road?

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