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    Hi Gordie,

    A few suggestions before answering your questions directly:

    - I would look for an injector and splitter that supports 802.3bt (I think I've heard of this called PoE++ in some marketing terms). 802.3bt specifications support up to 60W/100W (Type 3/Type 4, respectively) over standard Cat. 5e cabling while 802.3at specifications support up to 30W (Type 2). 

    - Regarding amperage for the splitter, you should find something that at least matches the AC adapter amperage so the 4.5A splitter should be okay. The amperage number is typically how much max. current the power supply can provide. HOWEVER, if your splitter supports 4.5A @ 12V (54W), I would suggest your injector is able to supply AT LEAST the same amount of power or more. Otherwise, if the splitter for some reason draws more than the injector can handle, you could overdrive the injector and potentially cause some sort of burn out (which could lead to other issues such as potential for electrical fire).

    To answer your questions directly:

    1. I haven't used injectors specifically as I have a PoE+ switch in my media cabinet but I have used PoE+ splitters to power lower powered devices like my Wink Hub 2 and SiliconDust TV tuners.

    2. Most devices have a standard barrel connector. I don't have a Portal (yet) but if they use a different connector, you would need to build your own. The PoE+ splitters I've used that come with the power cable to connect between the splitter and the device have worked for me so I haven't had the need to create my own. The only device I had to modify a cable was for my Wink Hub 2 where there was not enough of the barrel exposed so I had to cut off some of the plastic housing.

    3. Assuming you use standards based equipment, no, running PoE over your Cat. 5e will not slow down the data. As mentioned in my first suggestion, they have IEEE standards that support up to 100W over Cat. 5e (802.3bt).

    4. Again, see my 2nd suggestion above. As long as the splitter supports 12V @ 3A and the injector can support the splitter, you should be good.

    It's a lot of stuff I tried to summarize so let me know if something is confusing or needs clarification and I'll help to answer.

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