Bridge Mode--Double NAT?



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    In Bridge Mode, Portal has no NAT funtions enabled.  I'll file a ticket for you on this.  Let the suport team know the Product ID from the bottom label of the Portal and they can verify the cnfiguration and assist you with this.

    What tool is reporting that you are double-NAT'ed?




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    Kanwar Fagoora

    The app is Air Video HD server; it streams videos to iOS devices (e.g. iPhones, iPads). It has a server status panel which lets me run a connection test, and the test returns the double-NAT error.

    When I try to access the server from my iPhone, I can reach it when I'm on the Portal's wi-fi but cannot reach the server if I turn off wi-fi and try to use cellular instead.

    If I set up either the Airport or Portal by itself as a router and uPNP gateway there's no issue--the app reports successful port mapping and I can access the video library from outside my home network. I only see this issue when I'm trying to use the Portal in Bridge Mode with the Airport router.

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