Devices (wired or wireless) unable to connect to internet



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    Manish, did you get any help on this? I am seeing a similar issue, when my Portal (bridge mode) is on my network, certain wired devices cannot see the internet. They CAN see other devices on the same network just not the Internet. Remove the Portal and they can connect to the internet again.

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    Hi Tim,

    I'll open a support ticket.  Please let us know the Product ID (4 digit number on the bottom label) and we'll check your configuration settings.  Also, it would be great to know which devices are having issues.

    When in bridge mode, Portal is fully transparent, but it does provide access to the 5GHz DFS channels that other routers don't.  It may be the case that these "certain devices" cannot operate on all of the DFS channels.   Here is a link to the list of problematic devices and the compatibility modes that will allow them to access the 5GHz portion of the WiFi network.




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    tim (Edited )

    Thanks David. My problem is with a PC connected by ethernet OUTSIDE of the Portal entirely. When Portal (Bridge mode) is also connected, the PC can no longer see the internet. I suspect that the primary router and the Portal are competing over some service and the PC gets lost. As soon as I remove the Portal from the main router, and unplug/plug the PC ethernet cable the PC is back online. And before you ask, no ethernet plugging/unplugging, disable/enable etc of the PC network card etc. nothing works on the PC if Portal is online. In fact, if it helps... and I just thought of this... I connected my Macbook Pro to ethernet in place of the PC and it TOO could not see the internet. When I removed the Portal, the Macbook Pro saw the internet again.

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    I just recently had the same thing happen and now after unplugging/plugging the Portal and even holding in the reset button on the back, I can't even access the web UI. I also have noticed that there is a consistent recurrence of the Portal loosing connectivity around 9pm, every night. It's out for 5-10 minutes, then comes back online. I was super thrilled with this piece of equipment when I read about it and first purchased, now it's becoming a major hassle.

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