As Advertised....?



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    Jerome E

    They are focusing on the basics first before they do those other features. I believe you have to wait for advanced features to be rolled out because Ignition Labs is not a big company.

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    Francis S

    I agree with you Jerome. I'm just not sure why they are advertising those things as features when they are not ready. It's certainly a bit deceiving to a potential new customer. I'm far enough along now with Portal to know exactly what I have, and what to expect. 

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    Andrew Nash (Edited )

    Thanks for this post Francis. I am a prospective customer and trying to look past the promises into how this thing works in the wild; advertising features that don't exist causes some concern. I appreciate you posting some clarification on the "specs". 


    Jerome, I don't care if it is a one-man show, advertising roadmap items as tech specs is false advertising and as a prospective customer raises concerns.

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