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    Edison (Edited )


    We have published a knowledge base article which addresses issues experienced by owners of Portal whom use Private Internet Access VPN, along with files to assist with the setup and usage:


    Thank you

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    I would also like to know which VPN service people have had success setting up within Portal.

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    Marc Abrams

    To test things, I signed up with Private Internet Access (https://www.privateinternetaccess.com) for a trial account and used the provided username and password to setup an OpenVPN tunnel with the .ovpn profile I downloaded from PIA. It did not work initially so I contacted PortalWiFi support and provided the .ovpn profiles for testing. They were pretty responsive and got back to me within a few hours. The first test failed but after changing the DNS to Google's (, it worked pretty well.

    The support team is going to post the complete set of updated .ovpn profiles here soon.

    One thing to be aware of is that some services block proxied requests like Netflix. It may just be PIA but I won't know until I investigate more.

    Another thing is that I normally see over 300Mbps download speeds without the VPN but with the PIA OpenVPN tunnel active, I only see about 20Mbps downloads.

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    Carl (Edited )

    I tried this on portal and experienced a similar/larger drop in speed, I'm guessing it is a lack of processing power on the part of the portal, it is simply cannot process the encryption quickly enough.


    Update: Running an OpenVPN client to connect through PIA takes up to 15% of my total CPU and I doubt the portal can get anywhere near this (I am running a quad core i7 at 2.6Ghz)

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    From another thread;

    I managed to set up a VPN to PIA on the Portal, but the speed dropped by about 95% or more, the Portal does not have the CPU to process the encryption anywhere near fast enough, I now have a Linksys 1900ACS connected to my modem and this runs the VPN with only a 3% loss of speed, more than acceptable.

    For anyone else who wants to do something similar the Linksys is flashed with DD-WRT and has the VPN to PIA set up as per the instructions on PIA’s site, the Wi-Fi is turned off and the DHCP server on. The first portal is in bridge mode and the mesh root, the second portal is a mesh node, I get great Wi-Fi coverage all-round the house, all internet traffic goes via the VPN with negligible loss of speed.

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