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    Doug H.

    Devices having issues with disconnects should be investigated on its own.  Issues with speed can vary - if you are just using a little internet of not too high speed it might not be important.  But if trying full speed like 100+ and really using it such as for copying files within your network or whatever, then you can run into limits unless your device is using the 5G.  This is over-simplification because there are varying issues such as distance to device, antennas, and so forth.

    FastLanes is the name that Portal uses for channels which require DFS.  They are channels which are not used by most routers.  If you are in some area with lots of WiFi use by close neighbors then it might be nice to use those channels, and speeds may reach the fastest possible speeds.  But some devices such as Amazon Fire don't work on those channels (I think a common reason may have to do with how such devices have a remote control which uses WiFi frequency).

    If your devices such as Amazon Fire still work okay when connected to the non-5G channel, you don't need compatibility mode.  Compatibility mode changes the 5G to either not use DFS channels at all, or to skip certain DFS channels.  It does this for the whole 5G part of the router, meaning that no devices will be using the FastLanes.

    I could go on and on, explaining in different words or more detail, but thought this attempt might be helpful.  This is not a substitute for you seeking support for any disconnect issues - that should be through "Submit a request."

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