Mesh for more than two portals...



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    Doug H.

    Were you a Kickstarter backer?  The email response seems contrary to the public comment given to Kickstarter backers in 2016:

    Ignition Design Labs Creator on May 25 

    If you're daisy-chaining by mesh, the limit is 3 Portal routers.

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    I was a backer. I also subsequently purchased two more based upon that statement and others. I asked support to clarify if that was for just this release or for the foreseeable future and so far just crickets. I have been happy up until this. I didn’t mind waiting even if I was a little frustrated with the lack of communication because overall the product has worked well for me. This really pisses me off if it’s the case.

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    Jason Steele

    I also purchased 3 portals because of the claims made that they would be supported. I am very unhappy about this and want my money back if 3 are not going to be supported.

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    Sam Hong

    Sorry to revive an old post. How did you bridge a 3rd unit? I have 3 of these and I can only get 2 to mesh


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    Jason Steele (Edited )

    Unfortunately I could never get more than 2 to "mesh". And I would argue that technically 2 can not even be considered as a mesh as 2 are just a master slave configuration with no intelligence on the best route to take through a the mesh.

    There were a couple of people claiming that they we able to mesh 3 but nobody else was able to reproduce this.

    You may be able to simulate a mesh by setting up the third portal as a separate network connecting to the same ISP router/modem as the other "master" portal and with the same SSID. However I doubt this would smoothly transition between the networks if you moved your phone/laptop around.


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