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    If you are only using FiOS for internet access, then you can replace your FiOS router with Portal. In this case, just setup Portal as normally described.

    However, if you're using FiOS TV, Verizon requires that you use their router for the TV menu.  In this case, you will need to enable your Portal in "Bridge mode" using the advanced settings menu.

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    James McLarnon

    Right now I just disabled the wifi on the fios gateway which I use for TV as well, I'm connected to the portal SSID but I'm wondering if I'm getting the full benefit of the open lanes of the portal? I don't want to put the portal in bridge mode because wouldn't that rely on my fios gateway for internet, shouldn't the gateway be in bridge or is it ok to just have the antenna off? Do you know how to call this company, I can't find a tech support ph # which is kind of BS!

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    Paul S (Edited )

    I have the G1100 with a portal:

    First update the Gateway G1100 Setting:

    -Change Port 4 to Full Duplex

    -Turn off both the 2.4 & 5ghz Wifi

    -Connect the Portal Router to Port 4 of the G1100

    Set up the Portal Router as normal and let it create a Double NAT table with the 192.168.8.XX

    Go back into the G1100 settings, you are able to log in while connected to the Portal Router by typing and change the Portal Router to a Static IP address so the G1100 does not kick it off the network to assign a new IP address because the default is DCHP.  It will max out around 700 Mbps DL/UP speed accounting to Portal Support.

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