Why do my Portals never select DFS channels?



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    Doug H. (Edited )

    I'd think a likely reason is that you used the app to select one of the compatibility modes, or else maybe there is some defect in the Portal reaching back to its servers (is the ring green?)

    I could be mistaken but I think radar is typically only one of the wide DFS channels such as 116 near the Orlando airport.

    Again I could be mistaken but I think some of my neighbors use some DFS channels for wireless video boxes.  Perhaps Portal looks more carefully at actual usage of such channels (e.g., HD video) rather than just something like an SSID being broadcast but not otherwise used (i.e., IDs you'd see in some channel mapping app).  I don't know for sure what Portal does but some argue the best way might be something like "available transmit time" which I think may have patent such as US 8488478

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    Petros Raptis

    Thanks. I had a suspicion that this could be related to compatibility mode, and although I had never turned it on I did try flipping the switch on and off but it didn't make a difference.

    The ring is consistently green.

    It would be nice if there was some logging about why DFS channels are not selected...

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    Doug H.

    I stopped using my Portals awhile ago, but there is one other reason I can think of.  In my earliest usage when I was hoping for things like manual channel assignment, I was thinking maybe there could be some concept of "if non-DFS channel is 'good enough' then maybe use it to help improve compatibility with devices."  What I meant by "good enough" is that if you are in a suburban environment like me with detached single-family homes, any 5GHz channel is probably not getting much or any interference from neighbors.  Maybe Portal has ended up doing something like that?

    Update: I just plugged one in, saw it immediately go to channel 36, then plugged in internet and ring went green and it jumped to channel 132.  So it seems to be using DFS here.  It is at factory defaults and firmware from around few weeks ago.

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    Petros Raptis

    Thanks. I may try a reset to defaults to see if it helps...

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