Set device alias names?



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    @Curt - Hi

    You are able to set the alias name through the following steps:

    - in the web gui click on LAN IP

    - go to the tab DHCP / DNS Reservations

    - check mark on the devices

    - click on the Add DHCP / DNS Reservations

    - then add the desire the Alias Name

    - click on save

    I hope this helps.

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    But .. In that screen, aren't you forced to set a static IP?

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    Curt Matzenbacher

    I was thinking the same, Richard. I ended up using a freeware network monitor.

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    Be careful on the free network monitors ... especially the ones that require you to create an account on their server ..  You will be uploading a lot of info about your network that you may not want them to have

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    AND .. The IOS app does not reflect the Alias under devices... Sigh

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