Connect your Portal while replacing your existing gateway/WiFi network




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    Wayt Gibbs

    This article is incorrect/misleading when it states that "Your WiFi network will benefit from all of the features and capabilities of Portal, except the WiFi router in the gateway will provide the firewall."

    In fact, when the Portal is set to bridge mode (aka AP mode), two useful features are disabled.

    1) You can no longer give the device a static IP address. Instead it will rely on your primary router/gateway to assign it IP addresses (it uses two) via DHCP. This makes it harder to log into the web interface.

    2) The "Guest access" option is disabled, so it is no longer possible to provide guests with a separate wifi password that let's them use the Internet but restricts them from connecting to other devices on your local network.

    These are unfortunate design choices. Other competing products do allow static IPs and guest mode when operating as an AP behind another router/firewall. Those features are important for FIOS customers, so I hope that a firmware upgrade in the near future will remove these restrictions.

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    Shrike Tech

    Wayt - if you have your own DC on your network (vs. using the router) - you can effectively establish a static IP via Windows Server DHCP Reservation capabilities (I do this for all of my WiFi AP's).  Obviously, it depends upon your DHCP server/provider.

    Hope that's somewhat helpful.



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    Shrike Tech

    I've also disabled the WIFI on my FIOS Edge/Gateway / WIFI Router - used the Ethernet approach (as described above) and used the 3rd a Party Router (ASUS NightHawk) as my primary AP.  

    #1  I'm not using my Edge/Gateway for DHCP Services.  I'm using the "DHCP Bridge" mode to pass DHCP services from my Windows DC

    Question - with LAN IP service originating from a Windows DC - could the Portal Router be configured as a "Wireless Edge" and use the WAN port - assuming an internal IP address could be assigned?


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